As part of the AICA-USA 2023 Annual Meeting, a special presentation was given by AICA-USA member Dr. Maika Pollack. Maika presented “Notes from Hawaiʻi: Haoles, Kapa, and Kuleana.”
Art Writing Futures: A View from the United States will address the multifaceted possibilities and diverse perspectives at the forefront of art criticism in the US today
A Conversation Among AICA Members
A panel discussion hosted by AICA-USA organized as part of the College Art Association Annual Conference
Aruna D'Souza will deliver the twelfth annual AICA-USA Distinguished Critic Lecture in partnership with the Vera List Center for Art and Politics.

AICA supports art writers around the world through public programs and membership that includes free access to museums across the globe. Since its formation in 1950, AICA has been committed to elevating the values of art criticism as a discipline, and acting on behalf of the physical and moral defense of works of art.
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